Telling you that Detroit has an unsustainable trash problem likely isn't surprising. But what may be is our sustainable solution. It's local businesses. From mom & pop shops to large corporate entities, businesses have a huge impact on this city. We're Green Living Science, a non-profit that teaches Detroiters about recycling and the environment. Bee Green! Business is an education and certification program that aids businesses and their employees in becoming responsible corporate citizens. We invite you to learn more about our mission, connect and get involved. Together, we can transform Detroit.


If you're an employee, click the BEE ACTIVE tab for some tips on how you can start workplace recycling at your job.


If you're a business owner, facilities/susatinabiltiy manager and you want to get your company/organziation Bee Green! certified, click the Bee Connected tab.


Come visit Recycle Here! Located at 1331 Holden St, Detroit, MI 48202 on saturdays or click our Bee Involved tab to learn more on how you can start a grassroots campaign in your workplace. If you don’t push for recycling at your work, who will? Are you up for the challenge?