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Ever feel like you are a small person in a big company that doesn’t want to reduce, reuse or recycle?

Do you catch yourself bringing home a box of paper and plastics to put in your personal recycling bins?

Trust me, many of us environment friendly employees feel the same way.

We want to help YOU transform your workplace into a Bee Green! Business

If you don’t push for recycling at your work, who will? 

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Bee the Change

Use a reusable bag as a trendy recycling tote of a cool lunch bag.

Your coworkers will be GREEN with envy!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

When others see you recycling, they are more likely to do so themselves.


Bee A Champion

Start a Green Team in your office. Odds are, you aren’t the only one who wants more recycling opportunities in your workplace. Identify others who feel passionate about recycling and ask them if they want to form an informal team who is dedicated to environmental issues.

Bee Heard

Spam your company social media pages with tips for workplace recycling. We've created  some messages to get you started! 

Either as an individual or within your "Green Team," read up about recycling in Detroit. GLS has plenty of information on the 3R's and cost-effectiveness.

Bee Proactive

Rummage through the cafeteria cans, take out all the recyclables and create a giant pile in the middle of the room with a large sign that reads "Let's Recycle This!"

Talk to your co-workers about how they feel about the lack of reducing, reusing and recycling in your workplace. Getting people to start to think and talk about an issue will make it easier when it comes to implementation down the road. 

Bee Friendly

In most organizations, there will be multiple people who need to be on board before a decision is made about implementing a recycling program at the workplace. Find out who these people are and build a relationship.

Start buying your facilities manager lunch everyday. Start hanging out with him outside of work, frequently. Become an expert on his favorite movie (Forrest Gump), tv show (Parks and Recreation) and dish (Macaroni & Cheese with bacon). Become his best friend (Like “inseparable-BFF’s-for-life” friend). While you’re in the breakroom playing Forrest Gump trivia for the 3rd time this week, suggest that he starts workplace recycling at your office. At this point you’re his best friend in the world, and he’ll do anything for his bestie. 

Bee Reminded

You aren’t proposing drastic, radical change. This isn’t some “hippie nonsense” nor an invitation to join a friendly kumbaya circle. Recycling is as practical as not dumping battery acid into a river. Both involve responsibly handling waste, and both can protect habitat from harmful pollutants and cultivation methods.


Simply put, recycling employs the concept of “conservation of resources” meaning the act of recycling, re-circulating, and re-using viable materials allows us to be that much closer to seeing an end of the production of plastics made from toxic chemicals.

Bee Aggressive

Approach leadership. Consider people who fall into these categories: Property Manager, Facilities, CFO or Finance Department, Community Development Office, Sustainability Office, Human Resources. If your organization is on the smaller side, consider approaching the CEO. At the very least, you will need people who have knowledge about the building and physical space, waste management, and finances of the company. Here's a pre-made email template to help you start.


Keep a blacklist (digitally, of course) of everyone who wastes paper. Email it to HR, facilities, your boss and an other important people at your job, on an hourly basis, until they are forced to institute company-wide recycling.

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